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FleetCare International Inc., was incorporated in 2014 by Jim Stephens, after nearly 30 years in the Mechanical Engineering and Transportation Maintenance industry. In the Fleet Maintenance industry, Jim developed many unique predictive maintenance programs that assisted in reducing their client’s maintenance cost over $700 million, collectively. His career has included work for governments, municipalities and companies in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean.

Under Jim, FleetCare International has built a reputation for judicious use of resources and resulting cost containment. Jim’s work has been instrumental in providing and inspection regimen through AutoVIN for Honda (USA), Volvo/White Trucks (USA) and Rolls Royce/Bentley (USA).

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As an experienced commercial fleet maintenance manager, Jim has participated on panels and in study groups for Alternative Fuels with The Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Association and The Association of European Transport. He was recently featured in an article in the Modesto Bee and The Epoch Times.

Jim has a MSc. in Mechanical Engineering and a BA in Plant Maintenance Engineering. He is a Certified Transportation Professional, a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, an ASE certified Master Truck Technician, and holds certification in Automotive and Diesel, and Union Conflict Resolution.

Jim Stephens – Founder, President & COO

30+ years as a mechanical engineer in commercial vehicle manufacturing and maintenance

Developed predictive maintenance programs that reduced over $700M in costs

Alternative fuel panel study group contributor

Provided commercial vehicle inspection regimine for Volvo/White trucks

Ritz Guggiana – Chief Executive Officer

30+ years a Chief Executive Officer / President roles in food service and distribution firms (Ranked number 45 of over 3,000 food service distribution firms in the United states)

Senior executive and business advisor to a wide range of U.S. and internationally-based companies, ranging from vehicle fleet service, organic food products, and financial services, growing sales and profitability, improving inventory management

Grew revenue over ten-fold, led a team of over 180 employees, managed over 8,500 SKUs, acquired four companies, and operated two separate distribution facilities

Company Mission Statement

The purpose and focus of all we do for our clients and the community is to provide the best possible maintenance and repair service to commercial fleets.

We provide this service in the most expedient and efficient manner, utilizing cost saving systems, that are respectful to our environment. We are honest and accountable in all we do.

We are proactive and responsive to changes in technology, laws, and in the world as they affect our clients and our employees. When our maintained vehicles are in operation, there is an assurance of safety and reliability.

Our goal is to “Exceed our customers’ highest expectations and become the benchmark by which all others are judged.”

Business Codes


811111 – General Automotive Repair

811310 – Commercial and Industrial Machinery & Equipment Repair & Maintenance

811113 – Automotive Transmission Repair

811118 – Other Automotive Mechanical and Electrical Repair & Maintenance

811191 – Automotive Oil Change & Lubrication Shops

811198 – All Other Automotive Repair & Maintenance

532412 – Construction, Mining, Forestry Machinery & Equipment

488490 – Other Support Activities for Road Transportation

423130 – Tire & Tube Merchant Wholesalers

333618 – Other Engine Equipment Manufacturing


7389 – Business Services

7538 – General Automotive Repair Shops

7539 – Automotive Repair Shops

7542 – Car Washes

7549 – Automotive Services

7699 – Repair Shops & Related Services

8711 – Engineering Services

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