I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for FleetCare International. Mobility Plus Transportation hired FleetCare International to maintain the vehicles at our facility. Mr. Jim Stephens as president of FleetCare International was responsible for managing a team of mechanics, making sure our fleet of vehicles were in perfect driving condition, and making sure our vehicles were all up to safety standards and codes. Thanks to Mr. Jim Stephens and his team of hard working individuals we passed a number of inspections that were presented to us from the city of San Francisco as well as the California Highway Patrol. Jim and his team at FleetCare International are pleasant to work with and committed to doing a great job.

Ameur Kallel
General Manager
MobilityPlus Transportation

FleetCare International is recognized by BusWest as our number one out-source contractor in the states of California, Hawaii, New Mexico and Arizona. FleetCare International is highly valued for their exceptional skills in service, repair, retrofit, and delivery of paratransit vehicles by BusWest. They have worked on various high profile projects making delivery of vehicles smooth for BusWest and delivering quality customer service. FleetCare International is our warranty service provider in California.

Mike Candelaria
Transit Sales Manager

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